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Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Flare Effects [Natural, Evening]


I'm happy today I managed to snap some pictures when the sky was clear. It was cloudy, started to show signs of rain. I had a call from Dani, grumbled to him that most likely I couldn't use the camera again this evening, and then suddenly the clouds went away. Wow!

1/4000, f/29, 75mm
It was around 5.45PM and the sun was setting. I couldn't wait any longer than that due to the unpredictable weather and that the sun wouldn't be seen anymore because of the surrounding tall buildings.

1/2000, f/4.5, 35mm
Notice that I keep changing the shutter speed and aperture (also the ISO speed). Well, ignore that if the weather is certain. My area has a pretty weird weather. It can just suddenly rain from such a clear sky.

1/4000, f/29, 105mm
I was rushing too, not to miss anything. The best time to get the flares that give romantic effects is from 6PM to 7.30PM (at least in my place). It's sad that I couldn't wait for that long.

1/4000, f/11, 35mm
But just to see the flares coming from the corner of my lens made me happy enough. I hope tomorrow I can do the morning flares too.

1/2000, f/5, 60mm
YES! The pictures are crappy. This is just a test, alright! I can do better next time :D

It's better if you have a wide open area to perform this technique, such as a seaside or a field. If you happen to have buildings around you, just shoot random objects that you see.

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