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Thursday, 5 July 2012

Flare Effects [Natural, Morning]

I'm done with chores yay!! Also done talking to a random Spanish-speaking guy who knows I don't speak Spanish, but he hoped I could use Google Translate (which I did) instead of him trying to say at least one word in English.

So now it's time to show all of you the pictures I took this morning.

1/4000, f/11, 35mm
As I said before, always low ISO-speed. And yes, the subject matter is still the ugly Christmas tree in front of my house. You can see easily something strange is hanging on the branch.

1/4000, f/16, 60mm
It was around 9.15AM when I took these pictures. The right time for getting flare effects is from 8 to 10AM (in my place). It's not as good as the one you get in the evening, but it's still much better than the one you get much later than 10AM (check Flare Effects [Natural, Noon]).

1/4000, f/11, 60mm

It's very nice, right?? I wish I could snap much earlier than that but I have buildings around. 

1/4000, f/11, 60mm
And also at this time, the sun is much less stronger, and your eyes (and your camera sensor) won't be in so much pain. I don't suggest you to stare at the sun for very long though, no matter at what time.

But yes, from all the three posts, I believe the best time for getting a good flare effect is in the evening, when the sun is setting. It has better mood, better flares and less pain for the eyes.

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