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Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Flare Effects [Natural, Noon]

Okay, children! Now that I've discovered (learned from Mr. Azhari) a way to have flare effects in a photograph without editing it on Photoshop, I went out just in front of my house to test it.

1/4000, f/11, 105mmAperture is too large, not right.

The exact time was 10.45AM, which means the sun was getting high and if I waited longer, I wouldn't be able to shoot with the sun just right at the corner of my lens. Choose properly the white balance, and make sure the shutter speed is very high. Adjust it with the ISO speed too. I used ISO-100, which works perfect.

NOTE: Never focus or look directly at the sun. It can ruin your camera sensor and also your eyes. From my images, you can see the sun fully as I was focusing almost direct to the sun, which is still dangerous, but the sky was hazy.

1/4000, f/18, 85mm
Aperture almost right.
Flares are considered the defects of an image, but in some cases, flares create a nice dramatic effect which adds a story value to the image.

1/4000, f/10, 30mm
The strong sun was giving me pain, so I was hiding under some shade,
therefore I increased the aperture.
Some of these pictures are cropped, because the subject matter (the tree) is 'nicely' decorated with people's clothes from the floors above mine, which were hung to dry but blown away by wind, and stuck on the tree branches. It looks like an ugly Christmas tree, but this is the only tree there is in front of my house, and I was immovable since my baby was sleeping inside.

1/4000, f/18, 30mm
Just keep adjusting the aperture depending on where you're standing. Note that this is flare effect that you get when the sun is getting high, so the lighting is always white.

1/4000, f/14, 28mm
And if you prefer much yellow light, I'd suggest morning and evening. I will take some pictures soon and update the blog.

Have fun with the lens flare!

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