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Sunday, 1 July 2012

i-City, Shah Alam

Last night we went to i-City in Shah Alam with a family of Dani's colleague.

1/15, f/4.5, 40mm

The only unpleasant thing of this park of LEDs is the parking rate at night. It's RM10 per entry and only RM1 during daytime.

1/13, f/4, 28mm

Even though we T_T while entering due to the parking rate, walking around to see the lights is free. But if you want to ride on a carousel or any other amusement stuff there, you'll have to pay for a ticket.

1/25, f/6.3, 35mm

So we took our dinner at a satay restaurant. My oh my. 90 cents each?? There were cheaper choices (such as KFC and a mamak restaurant) but they seemed crowded.

1/25, f/16, 45mm

We also got ourselves little toys for our children, which of course, of LEDs. Alisha was very excited with her pink magic wand and bunny band.

1/13, f/7.1, 50mm

It was getting pretty crowded as we noticed more people were coming in. Other than it being a Saturday night, maybe in Shah Alam itself has not much other better places to go for people who just want to walk at night.

1/10, f/5.6, 60mm
I had several texts that time. Uh oh! My cellphone was inside the backpack. And my habit is auto-deleting every text I read because this cellphone I'm using now is old and can't store many texts. And the reason I'm using this cellphone now is because the other one is dead. I lost all the recent numbers I've saved. So please, some friends who think I might have lost their numbers, please text me back. 

1/13, f/14, 28mm

Several images were taken with my Tamron lens. I think it's a mistake. They didn't come out right. But maybe because the lens was a little bit smudged too -_-|| it was hard to check in the dark. *takes notes* Clean your lenses before leaving the house!

1/10, f/16, 28mm
But wait. Aren't we having fun here?? Yup. We had so much fun. I'm also glad that I did snap some very good pictures.

1/10, f/16, 28mm

Maybe they're not perfect pictures, but I'm still learning. We actually just figured out which button it was to change the aperture. And we had a quality time together with the family.

1/160, f/4, 28mm
And yes! I just wasted my Sunday on writing this. But it's okay. Sharing is caring!

1/40, f/5.6, 28mm
Thank you for reading! Remember to bring small change for the Autopay machine!

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