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Monday, 2 July 2012

UEFA EURO 2012 Final Match

Yay!! I woke up!! (at 12.45PM)

The statement above *points up* is just a hope that if Italy wins, Dani will be super excited and treat me a cake from Secret Recipe :D

But boo-hoo. He was so disappointed at the UEFA EURO 2012 final match last night that he said he stayed up and went to his boss's house to watch the game live on satellite TV for nothing.

I posterized the image to protect everybody's privacy.
Little Alisha was there too! Oh my. What a baby. And she loves the amount of people staying up late to watch soccer. She ate while watching, watched while eating. Anything is fine as long as mama and papa are there.

No. I didn't go for Italy. Nor cheer for Spain. No one is worth to be drooled at *ehem* in any of those two teams (hoho, typical girl watching soccer). But of course my husband Dani goes for his national team. 

AND NO! If Malaysian team is European, I wouldn't cheer for that too. Ever.

But guess what? Italy winning or losing, I still ate a slice of cake last night.

^o^ v

Yummmmmm! The topping was very nice!!

A comment from a true fan of Italian team.

A comment from a true fan of Spain.

A comment from everybody else.

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