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Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Down to Memory Lane

Since I have free time right now and that the baby is sleeping, I'm thinking of updating the blog. Not that I will be going anywhere to take pictures anytime soon, the weather has been pretty bad lately, most likely will be bad until the weekend.

Cha-ching! (sound effect when you win a bonus round in a game) I have found the first troll!

Click the image to view.

Apparently this person was judging my pictures without checking the 'About Me' part where I wrote I'm not professional, AND reading the older posts about me still training since I just bought the camera 2 months ago. So, I guess there's no point in rubbing it in unless you're very annoyed with something else and just looking forward to hurt me, OR you think I'm better than you despite being a non-professional.

I'd have included his name there like my husband suggested but nah. I knew a troll will come by sooner or later. And oh wait! Wait until I start posting pictures of Italy too. Someone jealous will definitely leave another spiteful remark.

Well, since like I said previously that the weather isn't so great these days, so really, I don't have any good pictures other than some quick shots indoors. Also, my parents just came to pay us a visit, and they brought us a whole my old stuff, boxes of them, and I had to check one by one before throwing them away.

Have fun checking all my 'soulless' pictures now. WARNING: Your eyes may burn, pictures too ugly.

What's important is that they came to bring Alisha's birthday gift.

It's a very cute tent!
The tent is now her favorite hideout.

There were also The Sims 3 DVDs, all the Stuff Packs to be installed again.

I returned them back to my mom as soon as I was done.

And then I went to check the boxes. Oh my. All the stuff from the 19's!

I was around 14 or 15 that time. Hahaha. I don't even know why I never bothered to throw them away. Well now Alisha is having fun ripping them up.

My collection of seashells!

I used to go around the beaches to hunt seashells. Each beach has different shells to collect.

Also, I found something that really brings back the memories. Back when me and my best friend Analyn still snail-mailing each other. I was nicknamed 'Apple' during my school days, thanks to my round and glossy cheeks. Even though originally my friends knew me as 'Sya', I changed the spelling to 'Scha' since there was already another 'Sya' in my school, and also because I was crazy about a German guitarist, Gil Ofarim. ('Scha' is how 'Sya' spelled in German).
A birthday card when I was turning 18.
We stopped snail-mailing as soon as I moved to Italy. We used to even call each other from house phone when she was still in the Philippines, until she moved to the States. 

Other than that, there were also other boxes full of old CDs and toys for Alisha.

Hopefully one day I can go back to my hometown to clear more things. Seriously, I've been keeping too much junk that my parents just had to bring them to me so I can settle them on my own. 


  1. Omg!!! That was really cool seeing my birthday card that I sent to u like 11 years ago. Hahahaja! Now that something to reminisce. Im glad to have known you that long, from a girl who used to be a moffatts fan, an online gamer, artist, snail mail pal, chat room buddy, to now face book best friend, a full time mom, a wife, photographer, blogger mom heheheh and so on and so forth.

    1. haha yeah I'm such a pack rat. But usually I keep my stuff in my safe box in our old house in Taiping. not sure why this one got into a different one. lucky I found it tho.

  2. My stuff like the letters u sent me when I was still in PI are in my parents house also my moffatts collections but year ago my mom told me that it was eaten by termites. But when I went back there for vacation I forgot to look for it so I dont know if there's some stuff left.

    1. I placed them in a tin container, in a box. that house has termites too. even this house does. haha

  3. But the one u sent me when I'm already here in the US are here in my room.


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