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Sunday, 19 August 2012

Eid Celebration

In Malaysia, Eid ul-Fitr is celebrated by Muslims after Ramadhan the fasting month ends.

1/250, f/4, 26mm
That's the time when we go to visit our elders in the hometowns and get connected again to the relatives and old friends, even with the non-Muslims. We used to send cards in the past, e-cards later, and now just tagging Eid pictures on Facebook. Hanging cards on the wall as decoration is one of the things we used to do.

1/13, f/5.6, 50mm
The hosts will serve cookies, and some traditional dish like ketupat, lemang and rendang. And at night, kids will play with firecrackers with the house usually decorated with lights known as panjut.

1/40, f/4.5, 26mm
I have missed taking a picture of Ramadhan bazaar due to the bad weather. That's where usually people would go to buy their dinner after fasting the whole day.

1/60, f/4, 24mm
This is how a Ramadhan bazaar should look like.
In the past, (I'm not sure whether people are still doing it now) some days before Eid, the family members will gather to prepare food and bake the cookies.

1/25, f/5, 35mm
We used to expect visitors on the first day of Eid, even from strangers. Lately, people don't do it anymore due to security and safety reasons.

1/15, f/4.5, 28mm
And if we can't visit, we'll give them a call just to wish them. We do it even without waiting for Eid, but doing it during Eid is a must.

1/20, f/4.5, 28mm
Some people may even spend some money and invite more people with open houses. 

1/80, f/3.5, 18mm
And the younger ones will receive some pocket money from the elders. I remember having so much fun collecting the envelopes and opening them all at once as soon as I got home.

1/30, f/4.5, 35mm
People dress up well on this day. So dress up! For Malaysians, we wear our traditional outfits such as baju kurung and kebaya for females, and baju Melayu for males. (Again, I didn't snap any pictures of these since it's not so appropriate to take pictures of people without their permission plus I'm too fat to wear my old one, haha).

Don't worry! It's a festive day! Who cares about how you look. All we care about is to have fun.

1/2, f/5.6, 55mm
This cat was too scared to come out.
And if you happen not to have anybody (really nobody) around to visit, all your family members are so far away and your car can't handle long journeys, you can fill your holidays with something else.

1/4, f/5.6, 55mm
Some of us can't even take any days off because they have to work. But they can just pay a visit another day.

1/160, f/5, 35mm
Or do like we did. Watch a movie at the cinema!

1/60, f/5.6, 50mm
Yes. This is the baby's first movie at the cinema.

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