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Friday, 10 August 2012

Hello Kitty is Officially Dead

My husband bought this cellphone in Italy. I fell in love with it.

What made me mad that time is that it didn't take too long to show that it was faulty. As soon as I stepped my foot in Malaysia and went to change the time on the cellphone to local time, it started to hang and show a white screen for like 30 minutes.

It was like that even as soon as I switched on the phone. I got fed up and told my husband to get it changed using the warranty.

Yes, they changed it. After waiting for 1 month. But to an older version, removing all the games I downloaded, all the Hello Kitty ringtones and wallpaper. And of course, the problems were gone. But then something else came up.

The calendar events always reset for no reason. It started to hang every time a new text came in or when someone called me. Also, occasionally the alarms wouldn't work and it wouldn't ring when I received a call. I QUARRELED BIG TIME WITH SOME PEOPLE BECAUSE THEY THOUGHT I DIDN'T ANSWER THEIR CALLS ON PURPOSE.

Yeah, that's it. I stopped using it after that. I didn't even bother to use the warranty again since I didn't feel like waiting 1 month for another faulty one. My mom gifted me a Nokia and it worked well for 2 years or so before it died just like that.

So I had no choice. I must use the faulty Hello Kitty again. Well, I managed to get over the problems just by ignoring them until suddenly yesterday, the screen went like the pictures above.

I can only receive calls now. No more texts. No more calendar events. Any button I press will lead me to those displays.

Yes, yes. My Hello Kitty has failed me since day one until now. I should have kept replacing it using the warranty anyway until it ended.

I hate it. Now I can never find another cellphone like this since everyone is busy with touchscreen stuff. 

*long wail*

Happy Birthday Abah. I tried to call you at home and cellphone but nobody picked up.

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