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Thursday, 23 August 2012

HTC Explorer

This is a test post. I'll update properly later. I'm using my new cellphone, HTC Explorer to write this. So, I'm just checking how Blogger works with it. Most likely, I'll just edit this post, so stay alert!

This picture taken using the phone camera.

Okay, I'm on pc now.

I'll just write my own review. First of all, I'm not a person who likes all those high end cellphones. To be honest, I wish someone invents a cellphone with Wi-Fi and it's not a touchscreen, and it can flip. Full specifications can be read here.

0.62 sec, f/5, 35mm
Overall, I love it. It's easy to use, nothing too complicated. It's good enough to run my usual games like Fruit Slice, Monopoly, Angry Birds, and Hamster Life, and also applications like Facebook and Blogger. It probably can run better things too, but I don't need them for now.

0.62 sec, f/5, 35mm
There are other colors available such as orange, light blue, and purple, but I'd have to pay extra RM30 for it so I'm planning to get one later in future. It's lighter than my old Nokia C3 and probably even less fat. I don't have any screen protector on, so I make sure the cellphone is always inside the phone sock whenever I'm not using it. It can fit inside the small pocket of my jeans pants.

1/25, f/5, 35mm
I have small hands too, so holding the cellphone with one hand is not a problem. I can easily type using the internal keyboard. The only thing that gets messy every time is the spelling errors I make each time I press the wrong letter, but they can be fixed quickly since the suggestions for the right words will always appear. Not nice for typing long things and losing them later, so I'd avoid that since it happened with my old cellphone too due to the small screen. Good enough to post status updates on Facebook if needed.

1/13, f/5, 35mm
I'm surprised that the price is much cheaper now for this kind of cellphone. It's affordable and mine even comes with 2 years of warranty. I think, for a person who doesn't care so much about too good graphics to run very demanding games, this model is perfect since it has everything else.

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