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Sunday, 12 August 2012

Sunway Pyramid

Due to the series of bad weather, here comes the series of my indoor activities.

Sunway Pyramid is located right next to Sunway Lagoon, for those who don't know yet. And it's the best shopping mall we have here so far.

1/40, f/5.6, 45mm
We don't really enjoy shopping, but we usually come here just to kill some time.

1/60, f/4.5, 18mm
There's an ice-skating rink for those who wish to go for ice-skating.

1/100, f/5.6, 105mm
I love the environment here. The decorations are never the same each time. There's always something new.

1/40, f/4, 28mm
My baby Alisha really enjoys just staring at the ceiling and all the lanterns hanging from it.

1/50, f/4, 28mm
She just runs around and doesn't mind having her pictures taken.

1/20, f/5.6, 105mm
If you're hungry, there's a lot of choices here. You can either go for fast food, or any other restaurants depending on your budget.

1/25, f/5.6, 90mm
Or you can just grab some snack and enjoy the colorful lights here.

1/20, f/5.6, 105mm
If you come here, you'll notice the Egyptian engravings on the walls other then the interior designs.

1/10, f/4, 28mm
It's not necessary to shop here, but your kids will love this place.

1/25, f/3.5, 18mm
For sure we had a great time there. You can visit the website for more information.

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