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Sunday, 2 September 2012

Family Time

Oops! It's already September and I haven't updated my blog for one week. I even missed the Malaysia 55th year of independence celebration (on 31st of August). But the spirit is still around.

1/640, f/5.6, 55mm
Dani has been VERY busy with his work these days. The best I can do is not to bother him. One way of not bothering him is shooting with my Sony SLT-A57, while also dragging Alisha far. Far from his laptop.

There are plenty of ways to lure Alisha away from touching anything important on her papa's desk. #1: An expensive gadget!

1/200, f/5.6, 45mm
My parents and my two brothers came all the way from Pahang for a visit. They brought along my dad's Samsung Galaxy tablet. With that, my HTC Explorer has lost the value. She's no longer interested in anything worth below RM500 and with small touchscreen. With that tablet, she can be found easily attached to one of my family members inside one of their rooms. She's not coming out anymore.

#2: The Chicken Rice Shop. I'm not sure how she developed her tastes towards the local chicken rice, but it really drives her crazy. She can eat the whole plate.

1/40, f/5, 35mm
And also drink half of my favorite three-layer tea.

1/125, f/3.5, 18mm
She joins in when choosing a dish from the menu. She talks like we understand every word.

1/80, f/5.6, 55mm
She complains when the food is not right. You must pour some soup on the rice with small pieces of chicken before feeding her. Don't take too long! Or else she'll get very mad.

1/30, f/4.5, 30mm
Tastes a bit here, sips a bit there. She makes sure every dish gets her approval first before we dig in.

1/30, f/5.6, 50mm
And of course, she leaves her mama eating her leftovers.

#3: Cats! Yes, show her some cats. Bring her out to hunt cats. Usually, there are many cats around this area, but we just really have to look for them. The stray cats here are not so friendly and they're mostly hidden.

But hunting cats has always been her hobby when going out. She knows there are cats around. She remembers each spot the last time she saw a cat.

1/60, f/5, 35mm
Too bad she didn't get to see the cat I saw today.

#4: Get her some snacks. Her favorites are M&M's and cakes. This is why sometimes I bake cupcakes decorated with M&M's on top. But today, my mom had a different idea.

1/2, f/3.5, 18mm
Since my parents just had their birthdays and my birthday is coming soon, my mom bought half of Chocolate Indulgence cake and a slice of carrot cake (not sure the exact name) from Secret Recipe. 

1/2, f/4.5, 30mm
Alisha ate 3/4 of the slice of Chocolate Indulgence. Mouthful. Yum. "Nice nice," she said to approve the snack is delicious. She does the same thing to M&M's, which my parents brought home afterwards from the nearby mini market.

1/8, f/5, 35mm
#5: Selena Gomez. She loves to sing along to Selena's songs. Although the loud music can interrupt papa doing work, we can close ourselves inside the room while browsing for Selena Gomez's music videos.

And of course there are other ways to keep her busy too, but those 5 are the key ones. I'm happy I took some pictures today, went to see new people and new places. I'm practicing more, trying to follow Dani's advice on not wasting too many shots on one subject matter since someday I'll only have one chance to snap a good picture, especially during important events and occasions. My hands were shaky already. 

1/40, f/5.6, 55mm
No, we didn't eat the cactus.

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