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Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Custard Jelly

Finally! After so long I've decided to experiment with cooking again. This time it's Custard Jelly.

I've actually heard the recipe from my mom, and changed it a bit for my family size (also the size of the fridge). I've learned my lesson from my previous attempt in making jelly, is that my pot was too small for such big portion. The result is such a messy and dirty kitchen afterward. 

1/80, f/1.8, 50mm
The ingredients are:
  • 20gm of jelly strips (I bought in Giant Hypermarket)
  • 4 glasses of water (approx. 800ml)
  • 1 can of unsweetened evaporated milk (I used Ideal)
  • 1 can of mixed fruits
  • 1 cup of sugar
  • 1 teaspoon vanilla
  • 1 egg
  • 3 tablespoons of custard flour
Boil the jelly strips into water until they melt. I used medium-sized pot, the water fills half of it, good enough to stir and mix with other ingredients later.

1/80, f/1.8, 50mm
Make sure, MAKE SURE you have enough space in the kitchen. You need to arrange some bowls (or in my case, containers) and decorate the mixed fruits inside while stirring and checking on the boiling jelly strips.

1/40, f/1.8, 50mm
Meanwhile, get another bowl and mix together egg, custard flour, vanilla, and milk. It is advisable to blend them together in a blender to save time, but I don't have a blender (so I ended up messy as the picture below). 

1/10, f/1.8, 50mm
After jelly strips melted, add sugar and stir until it mixed well. And then add the mixture of egg, custard flour, vanilla, and milk. Keep stirring until it boils. I actually kept stirring even while it was boiling to make sure the custard flour didn't get all sticky at the bottom of the pot. DON'T leave it without stirring while boiling because the milk can create a huge bubble and POP later and your kitchen will be in mess (just like what happened to me previously).

1/40, f/1.8, 50mm
Pour inside the containers and leave to halfway cool because we have to add some more mixed fruits on top.

1/60, f/1.8, 50mm
Decorate them as you wish. Be creative! And then store them inside the fridge.

1/60, f/1.8, 50mm
For not having enough containers, I also used a pan for lasagna. Anything as long as it fits inside there.

Serve cool and enjoy!


  1. hye scha here I include the watermarks you requested earlier. it seems that this watermark is compatible with dimension: 159X51btw those jelly custard looks nice.

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    Best regards, cube development®

  2. wah nampak menarik sya... huhu... ;)
    minat potograph juga ye? hihihi sep sep ^_____^

  3. Athir lawat sini....Salam perkenalan...^_^


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