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Tuesday, 30 October 2012

High Dynamic Range (HDR) Photography

HDR, which is short for High Dynamic Range, is one way to change the 'mood' or 'feel' of your photos. If you're trying it for the first time, you'll notice how the photos transform just by following a few simple steps.

This is an example of an HDR photography. 

Ignore the broken stem, some upper floor neighbor
dropped something from above and hit it.
So how do we do it? First of all, I suggest taking 5 of the same picture but of different exposures. You will need a tripod for this. My 5 pictures are of +2.0, +1.0, +0.0, -1.0, -2.0 EV.

The software I use is Photomatix Pro. I'm not sure about others but this one is the easiest to use for me.

Load your 5 photos.

There are also some settings at the beginning but if you're new, you can just keep them as shown in the next picture.

From here you can see that you don't have to worry so much in case the alignments of your 5 photos are not the same because this software will detect and fix the problem. Check 'Align source images' for this.

Ghosts are moving objects that probably show up in one of your photos. They can create nice effects, but most people prefer removing them.

Noise, I believe, must be reduced. You can also reduce it more with Noiseware afterward but for me it's hardly necessary.

Chromatic aberrations can simply be defined by the blurry area of the image where the subject went slightly out of focus. You can choose to reduce or not, up to you.

Be prepared that the computer might get a little bit slow while loading the source images. At least it happened to me (I was playing Farmville 2 on Facebook and had Photoshop running at the same time).

You can simply adjust your photo depending on your creativity or how you like it. There are many options to choose.

After you chose the one you prefer, you'll be given another option as a finishing touch. You can skip this part if you like the photo to be final. Just save it after that.

Now you have an HDR photo. You can redo the process by using different settings to see some changes. Have fun!

These are my sample HDR photos. I'm still practicing too. They're not perfect, but I think they look pretty good.


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