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Monday, 26 November 2012

An Enthralling Christmas, Sunway Pyramid

Sunway Pyramid did an awesome job with Christmas decorations this year and I just couldn't help it but to share the photos I took there with you guys.

As for the upcoming celebration, there is an event 'An Enthralling Christmas' being held from 23rd of November to 31st of December 2012. So, for those who wish to see some Christmas-related shows, you can do so during this period.

1/200, f/1.8, 50mm
The two reindeer sculptures made with colorful and sparkling tiles are just amazing! I feel like taking one of them home.

1/500, f/1.8, 50mm
1/200, f/1.8, 50mm
The stage is really beautiful with Egyptian architecture theme, decorated with Christmas trees and colorful LEDs.

1/40, f/5.6, 50mm
The London Boys performing.
1/125, f/1.8, 50mm
The stage view from above.
A sled is placed there for people to take pictures with. 

1/60, f/1.8, 50mm
1/60, f/1.8, 50mm
1/60, f/1.8, 50mm
And I also took a picture of Dani and Alisha.

1/160, f/1.8, 50mm
It's really a shame that I missed seeing the decorations during Deepavali. I bet it was as wonderful as this.

1/25, f/1.8, 50mm
1/200, f/1.8, 50mm
A decoration on top of a large Christmas Tree.
1/50, f/1.8, 50mm
1/30, f/6.3, 50mm
1/50, f/6.3, 50mm
A better view taken by Dani since he's tall.
1/15, f/6.3, 50mm
Dani also took a picture that I'm going to use as the background of the blog.


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