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Friday, 23 November 2012

Pinhole Camera Effect

Now you can capture pinhole images with a DSLR! What is pinhole? It's a camera with no lens and a single small aperture, invented very very long time ago.

Okay now let's not waste time. This is my way of making pinhole effect on my photos. It's the cheapest solution, for me, since a lens cap in Malaysia is very overpriced. It's actually cheaper buying it online from the U.S.A., but then I don't have time for that.

To get a photo with an effect as the picture above, first of all you need to get a dark cardboard. I used a black cardboard from headphones box.

Trace the lens cap on the cardboard. After that, cut it out and check the diameter. Puncture a small hole right in the center following the diameter, using a pin or anything sharp. The smaller the hole, the sharper the image will be.

Place that round piece of cardboard on the lens mount of the camera, replacing the lens. Try to keep it very close to the opening so less dust can enter inside the camera. This can be prevented by using a drilled lens cap (as shown here). I used a masking tape for this.

Check the picture above where I'm showing the two small parts of the camera that are sticking out, which is also another reason why using a lens cap is much better. 

Press them down (as picture above) while taking pictures later. In my case, I had the masking tape, but it wasn't strong enough to press down those parts. So I pressed them down at the same time.

Use a tripod. But tripod is too troublesome~~ NO! Tripod is a photographer's best friend. You must carry it around like an umbrella during rainy days. It's really needed as this process takes really long exposures due to little light coming in.

Try doing it under sunlight or anywhere with the best lighting. I also used flash for this.

Don't worry if it gets blurry. I suggest using Auto Tone on Adobe Photoshop, it will help with making the photos slightly sharper.

There you go! Now you have photos that look like ancient.

Here are the sample photos that I took.

Note: I just figured that Blogger has limits for image uploads, so now my photos are in lower quality.

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