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Sunday, 6 October 2013

Dogathon™ 2013

As mentioned before in this entry: COMING SOON: Dogathon™ 2013, this year's Dogathon™ was much more successful compared to last year's. (Check Dogathon™ 2012 for last year's event coverage)

The main factor could be the perfect weather. Unlike last year, the field was not muddy and filled with puddles even though it still rained right before the event started. I had to call the person in charge (Ms. Tan Shin-Yi) to ask about the weather, and she said the sky was getting sunny and clear.

More people showed up too, especially those with Huskies!

There was also a group of Corgi owners, having a photo session with photographers.

This event has made our day. My family had so much fun interacting with all the friendly dogs ready to be petted and held by anyone (friendly owners too!).

Hopefully next year they will provide more shelters for the dogs and visitors. Perhaps a bigger canopy and some refreshments that can be purchased.

Nevertheless, great job to the organizers! We're looking forward to visit Dogathon™ 2014!

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